Elmo is a very soft and relaxed teddybear, and a real people-"person". He is not easily disturbed and nothing seems to worry him really; a truly sweet and goofy guy! Go-fetch is one of his biggest hobbies, but cuddling with his owners (...as well as total strangers for that matter) comes at a shared first place. Did I mention that he likes to cuddle? His lovely, cuddly and relaxed character is also iconic for his pups. Real Elmo-puppies!

Elmo has a beautiful, broad body, with large paws, and broad short nose bridge. He has a nice red coat between wavy and curly fleece, with large, loose curls. Because of his broad stature, he is a suitable match for both females with a more delicate body type, with higher legs, and females that are broader.

Pedigree name: Dog's Paradise Elmo (ALAEU-5580)
Generation: ALF3
Birth date: 05-07-2016
Color phenotype: red
Color genotype: Bbee Kbr/Ky At/At
Color specifications: black-and-tan/phantom carrier, no diluted factor, no party-colour
Coat: wavy/curly fleece (farther: fleece, mother: curly fleece)
Size: 50 cm (medium)
Tale: sable


Health tests

DNA profile: available
Patella Luxation: FREE
OFA elbows: FREE
OFA hips: GOOD
ECVO annual eye test 2022: FREE

PRA-prcd: FREE by parentage
Addison: multiple free generations