Australian Labradoodle Studs

The studs



Elmo is a beautifully broad-build medium size stud (51cm). He has a red wavy/curly fleece coat, with loose curls. Elmo's friendly, almost too soft, character makes him the ideal teddybear. This gentleman is relaxed, easy-going, friendly, and a real people-"person". His pups are recognised with similar friendly and relaxed personalities.
Elmo is available for matings, or cooled/frozen sperm, only for tested females (hips, elbows, patellae, ECVO eye) with a pedigree/certificate.

Pom Bear

Pom Bear is a medium-size (49cm) son of Elmo, with the same broad-body stature as his dad. He has a nice and soft red wavy fleece coat with loose curls. Pom Bear is sweet, super-smart, fast-learning, and is really people-focussed, just like his father. Pom Bear would have been a good therapy- or guidance dog, and these same qualities can be expected from his pups.

Pom Bear will be tested this year, and shall come available as a stud if approved.


Mickey Moos

Mickey Moos is a very sweet and funny, smaller medium-size (47cm) son of Elmo. He has a red curly fleece coat with white "mismarks" that highlight his goofy character. Mickey Moos is a really gentle and cheerful boy, and is really smart and eager to learn and please. He is the perfect playful, stable family-dog!
Mickey Moos will be tested this year, and shall come available as a stud if approved.

About me

Ever since my parents imported one of the first Australian Labradoodles from Australia to the Netherlands in 2005, I am truly crazy about this dog breed. Next to my job as a medical scientist in the field of pediatric oncology/immunology, I therefore very much like to contribute to this special breed. I do this by offering high-standard Australian Labradoodle studs to colleague-breeders. My studs are not only healthy, but are also selected for super-sweet characters that do justice to the Australian Labradoodle breed.
I am delighted to hear from you if you are interested in a mating with one of my studs, or to discuss if, or which one, would be a suitable match.

Kind regards,



When breeding Australian Labradoodles, the hypoallergenic coat, best health, and especially a soft and friendly character are important.

In this, choosing the right stud is essential."